Tuesday, July 12, 2016


In a Bengali quote   the famous writer Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay mentioned TUMI ODHOM BOLIA AMI UTTAM NA HOIBO KENO? -Why will I not be Humane though you are brute?

In our SRI DHARMA all are respectable and as I am from Hindu origin my way to pay Homage and adore is PUJA . And as we adore ALL the GOOD of ALL Religions .
So it is  our custom  to adore All. All IN ONE. ONE IN ALL..As we worship Mother Kali , Sri kriskna , Sri Rama ,Sri Hanuman Sri Avatars,Sri Mahabir Guru Nanakji ,Sri kabirji,Sri Buddhadeb ,

We also worship with same respect Mother Merry and  Lord Jesus,


To us The  sacred Moon of Eid,  The Sacred Kaba ,
Ma Amina, Ma Fatema , Sri Hazaratji ,Sri Aliji, ,Sri Hassanji, Sri Hosseinji and SriKhajaji, all are same respectable.
We do not feel hesitation to salute them [pronam] and to Bow down with respect, This is the ESSENCE OF SRI DHARMA. THIS IS REQUIRED FOR A PEACEFUL WORLD. 

We know All IN ONE. ONE IN ALL. Nothing is new there to learn it.
But the positive thing of this Monotheist culture is that it ALWAYS REMEMBER US THE ULTIMATE TRUTH.THERE IS EVERY CHANCE OF CONFUSION IN POLYTHEISM. SO BRAHMA, ARYA  SAMAJ ETC DEVELOPED. But The Sanatan is so flexible that it has incorporated everything. This is  Sri Dharma. That always talks FOR A PEACEFUL BEAUTIFUL WORLD.

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