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Charlottenburg – Berlin | July 6, 7, 8 and 9, 2010
Yogananda, a 100-year old yogi will be in Berlin, Germany to present a workshop on Sukshma Vyayama at the Lernen in Bewegung e.V.– Yoga School in Charlottenburg. The workshop will have four parts, starting with Part 1 on July 6th and ending on July 9th with Part 4. Each part can be attended separately.
Sukshma Vyayam Yoga is an ancient technique that combines subtle yogic warm-up with gentle stretching, breathing and relaxation. It promotes overall well-being and increased fitness level. Simple exercises, done with awareness, help develop concentration and induce relaxation.
In Sukshma Vyayam, there are exercises for every part of the body. It exercises each organ, each joint and each muscle, either through a particular exercise or set of exercises, combined with a specific type of breathing.

I have given the referrences of such a yogi of more than 104 years old at HARIDWAR,from whom we have to know what is this YOGA. His life is the example of YOGA. HE IS HIS HOLINESS SRI YOGANANDAJI.

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What I Have Searched Out:..........

1.The Law Of Symmetry &Asymmetry.
2.Law Of Equivalency
3.Fourth Dimention Of Truth(Sibsadhan's Sutram).
4.Saptarsi Kal(Sibsadhan's).
5.Tri Chakra Sutra.
6.Yaso Lokos.
7.The Concept Of Healing .
8.Mass-Energy Unity & The Consciousness.
9. The Concept Of Shree.
10. The Vibration,Sound, Rhythm,Heat ,Fire ,Light &The Universe.The Light & The Enery-Body.
11. The Electro Magnetic Wave & The Som.
12.Anondo- Sutram.
13. Kolpo- Brikhasam.

14. Steps Of Creation Of The Heaven.
15. The Concept of Infinite

:..........one  example


Infinite is a word which stands for something inexpressible. The symbol is  α. From the time immemorial  the  searching for its  value  is going on. Let us show a new way to solve it.
I made this paper in 1992. That was 2nd year of MBBS. Now I am  publishing it. Being a doctor mathematics is a different subject. But at that time in brain still The Mathematics of Higher Secondary was playing. And in Infinite everybody has right to participate.
 As everything and everybody is by the infinite and within Infinite.


Let us suppose,  there is a ball /particle which can moves in a systematic way forward and backward .
Now have a look over the digits so far we have learned.
Again α.........4, 3, 2, 1, 0.
And 0,-1,-2,-3,-4.....α......-4,-3,-2,-1.
Our question was where does the digits end? What is the value of  α  ( infinite). Is there any value at all?
Now suppose,
That ball particle lies on 0 point.
It jumps and jumps and fall in a some distance. And that distance we recognise as 1,2 etc. In any way it can go. And again comes. When increase it is Summation. If decreases it is Deduction.
Explaination of summation and deduction

With that ball particle when I like to explain the Multiplication/ Division,
It is in this way-
In 1st level where it lies it jumps first. Then in  a particular manner as we want.
Example- if we like to multiply with 2. The particle jumps to Level 2 .
Then in 2nd turn goes  to 4th digit. Its manner/power is to jump 2 digits in the next level. Like wise if we like to multiply with 3. The ball is already in 3. It has a power to jump 3 digit at a time. In next 2 level it corresponds 6th digit. . In first jump it will be 3.[That means the power of this digit is calculated from the 0 point. In 2 the power of jumping is 2 . In 3 it is 3.] and  in 2nd  jump it is 6. The same principle is applicable for division. Here is no question of positive/ negative.
In division the jumping of ball/particle starts from any  where ends in 0 .It goes on  in that way.      .
As we demarcate the  α[infinite]  by the digits  0-9, in the multiplication/ division we have to think

0   1   2   3   4  5   6   7    8    9
Fig-2 Explanation of Multiplication and Division

In 1st step the ball particle comes from its home ( which is 0). And it determinates the power of its jumping. How much levels it is jumping to come from 0 in the desired level. Look in this case it has to jump 1 step. And this is its Fixed Power.  Therefore, the particle hops on its own point in 1st step. But practically it then it jumps from 0.

In division
the ball /particle is coming back to centre[0]. The digit the have to divide is the Total Amount. And the digit that will divide [divider]  divides it according to its strength [counted from 0]. The number required to divide the total amount is the Result. It goes nearest to the 0. If not completed that is Remainings.
In case of fractional number this can also be said. And easily explained like wise.
Now    1/ 9×1020  is a number and  it has a value, though it is  not 0. But
If  9×1020   is the highest limit, 1/9×1020   will be the lowest.
So if I put  rm1   for  1/9×1020 .
Then m1 is the  lowest  positive value. And between  0-1.
Then what will be the highest number?
Suppose it is rmα
So the difference between1 and rmα is 1/9×1020.
Thus rm1......rmα is a series. This series has a fixed difference of 1/9×1020 between two consecutive  numbers.[rm2—rm1=1/9×1020 ]
It is  Rajatsubhra Mukhopadhyay ‘s  Infinite Series.
The Series is:        1,   rmα,.... ... .... .. ... ...  rm2,   rm1,    0
Application is longing for you.

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Kheer Bhawani Mata's Temple of Kasmir



Swami Vivekananda's Experience[edit]

Swami Vivekananda visited Kashmir. During this stay, while ritually worshiping Khir Bhavani, he had the thought: “Mother Bhavani has been manifesting Her Presence here for untold years. The Mohammedans came and destroyed Her temple, yet the people of the place did nothing to protect Her. Alas, if only I were then living, I would not have borne it, I would have protected the temple from the invaders.” He, then, distinctly heard the voice of the goddess saying: “It was my desire that the Mohammedans destroy the temple. It is my desire that I should live in [a] dilapidated temple, otherwise, can I not immediately erect a seven-storied temple of gold here if I like? What can you do? Do I protect you or do you protect me?” [5]https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kheer_Bhawani


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John Binns of yorkshire The Great Everest Climbers ,My Tribute to You

To the mountaineers the Everest is always a dream. And it is a life time achievement for him. This year 2016, will remain immortal to the mountaineers and for India for the novel sacrifice of  a Hero Mr Jhon Binns of Yorkshire.
When he noticed that another climber Sunita is at the verge of death from frost bite and exhausted Oxygen, he helped her as an Angel. He rescued her life sacrificing his future and dream. Salute to YOU Mr Binns. WE WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER YOU AND YOUR GREAT WORK.


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Cherry in Sri Yoga Center in Bengal, India

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