Thursday, November 21, 2013


INDOLOGY- Is a subject. But here it is for talking about the heavenly Earth in coming days............. .....PLEASE BECOME A FOLLOWER & ADVICE OTHERS TO FOLLOW..........

The place where I reside is in a word beautiful. Beauty,peace and quietness are the main things here. Along with it big cultivation land, Mandir, a lot of free green spaces all makes the atmosphere like Topobon. If any foreigner comes here to conduct any research,.study or to utelise all these staffs along with us, I think we can organize so many innovative things and can maintain the place for a long time. To draw visitors and  to make a nice tourist resort nearby holy Joyrambati and Kamarpkur this is t
he best place . Waiting to listen from you.

Pronam gurudev.Tabo kripa hi kebalam

Pronam Gurudev.Tabo kripa hi kenalan.