Sunday, April 3, 2011


Two different sets. 1. India vs. Pakisthan,& Mr Amir khan.2. India vs. Srilanka ,& Mr Amir.In other words semifinal & final matches of World Cup Cricket 2011.

We all have seen two different pictures shown by TV channels. In first Mr Amir was not smiling after the defeat of Pakisthan. In next day he was excessively emotionally involved.
Both is important to note a fact that how much he was involved mentally in first day. And to defend that he was much involved mentally in next day. 
The same story comes again . The Muslims & India's sentiment;the weakness of Indian Muslims to India/Pakisthan.
But as a doctor I think this must not be misinterpreted looking the photos of first day of Mr Amir.He is completely a different innovative personality.
This type of extraordinary personalities are often become absent minded suddenly. And starts to imagine /think some thing different.
 But the outer world misinterprets them not for expressing his due expression.
As a figure he is also worth to achieve the Oscar Prize. So looking the situation of India Vs Pakisthan[Imagining that India will have the WORLD CUP] he might  have /desire  likewise.
Carry on Mr Amir............I'm your great fan. And waiting to look that golden days......... Amir & Oscar.
 Thank you. We are with you.