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Indian Hindu Muslim Relation

INDOLOGY- Is a subject. But here is a subject for heavenly Earth in coming days.

We get in english all these books. Then why not in these languages?
Though Hindu & Muslims are residing in India for hundreds of years still we all afraid for collision.
Why? Because there are some dogmatics in both the sides. Because from the older periods none look at this sensitive issue from the sympathetic hearts.
Politician who wish peace intellectually avoid the religious points from conflicts. Rather they are more interested to preserve the vote bank fullfilling their minimum desires .None goes into the matter in depth.
There are some distincts differences between their rituals & religious activities. Appearantly though those could create conflicts ,they are not atall contradictory. Except one or two issues everything is like a varriation of a broader Indian religion[in India among Hindu's there are many religious groups, paths, cults, castes, theories].
 Great emperror Jalaluddin Aqburr tried to unite this broader Indian religion. Today many Gurus follow this path.
Sri Ramakrishna is the biggest among them . He taught us to follow everybody to restore his own reigion & to respect other's religion. Every path can lead to salvation & biggerself & God.
 Dogmatics are always happy to show --he is the only one who is the best & will be only one in the world.

Language is the most important bar to make this two religions separated.Language is a sound vibration to express our brains impulse, emotions,interactions. A same thing we can express in world's all languages. The problem of language is a single word sometimes carry different meaning & mode of uttering or coining of words carry different senses in different pattern  . This separate from man to man. In a simplified way if we think this there are two senses; good & bad.
There might be an error  of a different religious people & the people of other religion will take this accordingly except some self centerd dogmatics.

In India there are Urdu, Hindi etc. But according to origin Sanskrit ,Arabic &Farsi. If from the older age all the Indian would have a chance to know both these systems as we all today learn English,then each meaning could be apprehencible to others. If the religious books are interpreted in  two different languages then the differences will be narrower.

 Today in India & abroad in propernoun[person's name ] also we guess the religion.Arabic word[e.g.-Noor>light]- a muslim word;Sanskrit word[e.g.-jyoti>light]- a hindu word;& English word-Christian.If we call a Hindu girl -as Noor & a Muslim girl as Jyoti will this change their religion? We both Hindu & Muslim give some engilsh name to our babies but never in our inter religious name.
If we write The Koran in Sanskrit  & vice versa will this change the meaning? Who will be the readers -is a different question.
In muslims dynasty there was a very good chance to to this task.

 Today we have to to this & have to make this popularies.

I know this is a very difficult job to make my thought palatable ,still the routes of solutions of HINDU -MUSLIM issue lies here;  not in avoidance[escapism]/not in denial[ignorancy]/not in violence.
Only feeling from heart with reverence of others  religion with the sense what they are telling with one's own language &  a power of spotaneous expression of tribute of his mind [which will happen atleast in few persons] in others language can meet the lofty age old gap between two religion.In preindependent period the Bramha darma was like this.

But this is important to be acceptable to the muslims also. Literate Indian muslims should come forward for that.
 As in Bengal AL ABDUL AMAN AZIZ was the pioneer to translate the Vedas in Bengali through HARAP PUBLICATION-KOLKATA.

Sunday, April 24, 2011



My Heart's deepest mourns to thy blessed feet. You have passed from Mortal to Immortal world. I know you are like all divine souls alwayswith the all mankinds.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Review Of Education System In Perspective To Modern Science.

[Review of Education System & Destination  of India. PART-1]


In my early childhood I read about Galileo & Copernicus. They confronted a strong opposition for their views. One sentenced to death for his opinion : the Earth moves round the Sun.
 Afterwards in my latter life when I went into the Vedas I found that Rishis are chanting that the Earth [gajat>one who moves] moves round the the Sun. They sings :all the world is one. They chant every thing ,every man, every creature is one.
  The Bible is much younger than The Vedas. And it is clear though  one single civilization started around the Urals, latter one branch became separated & developed with different newer theories.
On the other hand another branch remained the same & nurtured with the ancient philosophy, arts, cultures & science.
Afterwards when different intermixing & acculturation happened with a lots of wars & invasions the modern branch gave its numbers of newer developed things.
Today the science has been reached in such a level wherefrom everybody can connect each other in the world & a quest is going on for the ancient heritages of the mankind , not only for a country or race.

With this background we have to review our all the education pattern keeping the whole world & this universe in priority not the country or a small sector to keep the balance of ecosystem & to create a peaceful world.
We know the child’s brain is unique. From the second years of age child starts to copy beautifully [without realizing the meaning. Realization comes in latter ages.] From this period if, something is  taught the brain will copy this. Moreover,  if culture continues this will remain. In addition, when realization will come the matter will be very easy to them. This is true for all newer things & approach. In our matured brain which is difficult to grasp.
 e.g. ‘computer operation’- in comparison to younger brain & mature brain at when first the computer were developed.

Till date some of the medieval age’s approaches  is still present in our education system.

 To start a complete pattern of approach for the future  generation  from  the universal stand point we have to reset our all the subjects gradually keeping the central philosophy in everywhere .And that is….. Everything is one &… has been originated from the one. And is….. controlling as one in a larger sphere.
 First of all we have  to think about today’s
               Geography subject.

Geography is still  today taught to the child on country basis. We teach the Earth, the Solar system, the
lands ,state wise, country wise; its nature, food, production etc. everything.
And gradually we give the priority to our country first, then the world.
In newer system our concentration should be first to the world .
Modern science will play the major role here. With three dimensional models, internet, with the help of different Observatory science [e.g. NASA] we have to show to this young brain where we are, what we are & the time & spatial relation of the Earth-Sun –Moon. Their orbits ,their rotation, different sky, diurnal variation. Seasonal variation & their effects on environment, plants, food, animals , insects, their behaviors, built etc.
 Virtual science & models also have a great role here. Afterwards the land & country will come.
[To think about the Geography always in a brain - a shape of a complete Man-Earth –Solar system in space that rotate & seen in a whole year
{a space in respect to a particular time(day/night) & season(staring pattern, climate)},
 should come first .]_
This type of approach is always followed by all the Yogis & Rishis in India ,Asia & Abroad.
 In fact ,when we individually stand under the wide sky, & we do feel or try to feel the relation with we individual & the earth, sphere, the Sun, the Moon & the sky,then country does not come. And there is no role of a country in thinking of an oneness with the universe for an individual. And is the greater fact than our own nationality for an individual.
 And this is followed most importantly by  all the Yogis & Rishis in India ,Asia & Abroad always.     

I think this will create a different impacts on child’s brain. They will start to think themselves as a part of whole universe first ,then the country will come.

This is very important for the future generation to  restore the of peace in the world.
 Because from universal standpoint there are many issues where the narrower interest of a caste, colors, race & a group will be much unimportant. Many struggles, murders, wars will be controlled  in future generation  with this type of child’s brain getup which is difficult to adopt to this present generation.

Country’s or individual’s interest depends on another important thing is ‘Economy’.

first two are the photos of MANMANDIR[astronomical analysis site in VARANASI(BENARAS).last is the famous SACHI STUP a place is famous for MAHAVIR JAIN & LORD BUDDHA. near VENARAS(BARANASI).at SARNATH.where SRI BUDDHA preached first to HIS deciples after becoming SRI BHAGAWAN BUDDHA.]
 This is also to watch how they will tackle this matter in future,- when brain will give first importance to the vastness, to the world & to the universe.

Every country if thinks about this type of strategy, then the world will be a better world in future.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Ganesh&lakshmi at right,
 Sarswati &Kartik at left,
 the Lion from  right to left fashion .
at left side the Mahisasur.
 This is also a theme seemingly. Mother’s
 right side is our Inner side-our self side. –
Our proclivity ( Sri Ganesh), wealth & discipline [ Sri Lakshmi].
Her left is social side .power of words & brain (Sri Sarswati), muscles( Sri Kartik)) 
we need indeed both the Lion  for “good” strength . His sex organ is for procreation, is also in right. which is again a private matter.
The evils for this earth but in controlled &deadly- living state, is Asur is in the left.
Sri Jaya  – the victory is in left – victory in social side .
&  Sri  Vijaya-  in right is for total achievement.
As a whole is Shree-the divine beauty.
     This is a different form of Shree.
Shree is very important. Because everything is Shree is divine.
 Here also every deity is unique form of Shree yet as a encompassing whole   is a vast Shree
   which incorporates  the evils &the creatures also.
 This is unique, superb, mind blowing concept of India .

Sunday, April 3, 2011


Two different sets. 1. India vs. Pakisthan,& Mr Amir khan.2. India vs. Srilanka ,& Mr Amir.In other words semifinal & final matches of World Cup Cricket 2011.

We all have seen two different pictures shown by TV channels. In first Mr Amir was not smiling after the defeat of Pakisthan. In next day he was excessively emotionally involved.
Both is important to note a fact that how much he was involved mentally in first day. And to defend that he was much involved mentally in next day. 
The same story comes again . The Muslims & India's sentiment;the weakness of Indian Muslims to India/Pakisthan.
But as a doctor I think this must not be misinterpreted looking the photos of first day of Mr Amir.He is completely a different innovative personality.
This type of extraordinary personalities are often become absent minded suddenly. And starts to imagine /think some thing different.
 But the outer world misinterprets them not for expressing his due expression.
As a figure he is also worth to achieve the Oscar Prize. So looking the situation of India Vs Pakisthan[Imagining that India will have the WORLD CUP] he might  have /desire  likewise.
Carry on Mr Amir............I'm your great fan. And waiting to look that golden days......... Amir & Oscar.
 Thank you. We are with you.


Today is birth day of the great poet Kazi Nazrul,the icon of Humanity, Indianism and Bengalism. Today is the day of Holy Eid also. So th...