Sunday, April 14, 2019

Ram Navami of Sri Raghunath Temple in Sihar.

At our home in Raghunath Temple the Holy Ram Navami Festival is observed with reverences.This is our family tradition for last 250 years.

Kumari Puja in Annapurna Puja

This is a part of Annapurna Puja. Kumari is chosen from public. Her specific worship is done according to age. As for this girl (my younger daughter) is Rudrani.

Festivals of Bengal

Sri Santinath Siva and Kamakshya Ma in Gajan festival Sri Kamakshya Devi

Chardak Rath. An unique thing seen only in Sihar.
 Gajan Festival of Sihar. Everywhere in Bengal, India you will enjoy this beautiful festival.
Kendu Bilwa . The signature of Jangal Mahal in Chaitra Baishakh.