Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Saturday, May 11, 2019

Trial and Error and Evolution

Probably I could not explain the relation of TRIAL and Error method and The PROBABILITY in relation to Existence of Higher Spices in the Universe other than Homo Sapience. If They create this living kingdom in Earth then why Evolution is here. ?Evolution is the result if trial n error. The God comes here in the form of Man.If there have been higher intellect {Possibility, Probability, or Chance factor}as the Science think about the Universe then why Ram, Krishna,Mahabir,Buddha,Jesus,Mahammed ,Ramkrishna all are human? .
 But Evolution is from environmental thrust. Trial n Error is subjective . If we look upon the process of evolution through a saga of expression of that very CONSCIOUSNESS (CHIT/CHAITANTYA) from single cell through non vertibrate to vertebrate, jawless to single jaw, double jaws, with teeth to mankind ,will find an Trial n Error of SAT CHIT ANANDAM(God) . A kind of dissatisfaction pushes to such a path which is still continuing.from smaller self to the expression of Bigger Self.Mankind is the stage where we differ in broader intellect and for that we reign over all species. Among them with the Highest EQ we get the touch of the God. To become that is our aim of this journey of life. And rebirth will continue till this goal is achieved. THIS IS SANATAN CONCEPT
So this EFFORTS of our inner self is nothing but TRIAL AND ERROR. THIS IS LILA.
If we everybody n everything achieve that  level in a Single day , GOD would present here from the beginning with this Highest level, then there is no question of Lila/HIS_HER WILL.
Do you know UTKRAMANAM?
UTKRAMAN /UP LIFTING GRADUALLY,how?Sanoi Sanoi /Slowly and slowly.
[5/12, 12:55 AM] Positive Always: Pitwa pitwa /imbibing n imbibing , potita cho mohi tole/you fall on the ground
Utthayacho /Again get up , punar pitwa/ imbibe again. Thus Punar janma no voboti /you will attain MUKTI/Enlightenment.