Tuesday, July 24, 2018


##Bengal grams&peanuts cutlets for diabetes.heart patients##💐

Today I was making "Bengal grams&peanuts mixing cutlets"for Indology blog friends
Receipe:first take a pan .Gas on.when heat ed the pan then added some olive oil or mustard oil .Next added some cumin seed.added boiled and mashed bengal grams.peanuts.mashed parato.add some salt.sugar.methi leaf.ginger.garlic paste.garam masala dust.then stire.next i take o bowl and added besan.some salt.baking soda.water and mixing some time.then i take a pan and add oil on this pan and heated.next i take a spicy  bengal gram and peanut paste.and dipping into beson and frying into oil.take some time into frying....So.ready and serve tamim and crunchy hot cutlets...Thank u my frnds...