Friday, January 26, 2018

The Republic Day of India , 2018.

Our Respected NDD Modiji.
Republic day is not an ordinary holiday. This remembers us about the struggle for freedom and the subsequent responsibility. From a rural Indian scenario of last ten years of my pediatrician life I have felt that so many changes and developments are still to be done.
From the education level, liberal religion, health and technology still we are lacking behind.
We have to innovate the solutions from the realistic background depending on that local situation.for all of those sectors.
Depending on introspection of yogic background all the pillars should be strengthened. But the opposition will come from opponent followers.
Let us see what this the India's future in coming 20 years.

Our Famous President in past  Respected Dr APJ Abdul Kalam
Sri Aurobindo , who visioned the date of Indian Independence Day and was engaged for development of a space AT DIVINE LEVEL to accept all according to spiritual development and told us the term SUPRAMENTAL POWER..

Respected queen Rani Ahalya

Bai ji. developer of modern religious unity through out the country by reconstructing so many destroyed temples of ancient India.

Respected Sri Mamata Bandopadhyay. Also a promising and dependable personality.


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