Saturday, May 26, 2018

HAPPY BIRTH DAY NAZRUL.Shyamasangeet Of Kazi Nazrul Islam | কাজী নজরুলের শ্যামাসঙ্গীত | One St...

TODAY is an auspicious day.Today is the holy birthday of a quintessential Bengali, an Ideal Indian, a real Muslim, a fighter, a fakir, a saint and an ever great poet KAZI NAZRUL ISLAM.
My tribute and homage to His holy feet. Like Sri Rabindranath Tagore he is adored by two Nations. His works are also deserved NOBLE. His immortal presence proves in an earthly world we can also be divine and immortal. JAYATU NAZRUL,


যে গানগুলো বারবার শুনতে চায় মন || Sadhana Sargam Bengali Album (2018) ||...

Pronam gurudev.Tabo kripa hi kebalam

Pronam Gurudev.Tabo kripa hi kenalan.