Friday, May 27, 2016



Our Honorable Prime minister is Sri Modiji. SriMamata Banerjee is our  Honorable Chief minister. She is now The CHIEF MINISTER for the second time with huge public support. This has been possible only for her relentless work and struggles against so many media and other oppositions and by dint of her completely different outlook towards public motivation with several PROKOLPO[programme] .
Modiji's YOJONAS[programme] are also unique and versatile which is nation wide.And definitely will uplift the country. They need TIME,SUPPORT and  MONEY.
Apparently  this two icons of present India  have no relation among each other. They are from two different parties with two different history and organizations
But the similarity among them are present. And which is very important.
Sri Modiji And Sri Mamataji both are very active and is full of POSITIVE WILL FORCE. Both of them are very innovative. And we have to learn so many things from them.
This is the most wanted thing  of this days .
Both have a strong intention to do a better India and better Bengal. Both of them are trying for that.
Everybody should support this Will Force which is good for the country and the states.