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Dr Basiswar Sen And Srimati[ LADY] Gatrude Emerson Sen

Pageant of India's History (1948).

Dr Basiswar  Sen And Srimati Gatrude  Emerson Sen

Late Prof. Boshi Sen - The founder director
Message - March ahead

ICAR-Vivekananda Parvatiya Krishi Anusandhan Sansthan
The institute was established at Kolkata (then known as Calcutta) by Padma Bhushan late Prof. Boshi Sen on July 4, 1924 and named it as Vivekananda Laboratory.  . Boshi relocated to Almora where he set up his laboratory in Kundan House. The Laboratory was permanently shifted to Almora in 1936 and was being run on donations and grants till it was handed over to Uttar Pradesh Government in 1959. On October 1, 1974, ICAR took it over and rechristened it as Vivekananda Parvatiya Krishi Anusandhan Sansthan.
                                                            http://vpkas.nic.in/images/b8.gif 1924 - Establishment as small room Laboratory  in Calcutta - One man laboratory
                                                             http://vpkas.nic.in/images/b8.gif 1936 - Permanently shifted the Laboratory to Kundan House, Almora 
                                                             http://vpkas.nic.in/images/b8.gif 1943 - Change in priority from fundamental physiological research to agriculture
                                                             http://vpkas.nic.in/images/b8.gif 1952 - Allotment of 15 acre land at Hawalbagh  
                                                             http://vpkas.nic.in/images/b8.gif 1959 - Transfer of Laboratory to U. P. Government and allotment of 215 acre land
                                                             http://vpkas.nic.in/images/b8.gif 1974 - Transfer of Laboratory to ICAR and broadening of mandate
                                                             http://vpkas.nic.in/images/b8.gif 1986 - Creation of divisions/sections
                                                             http://vpkas.nic.in/images/b8.gif 2001 – Received ‘Sardar Patel Outstanding ICAR Institution Award 2000'
                                                             http://vpkas.nic.in/images/b8.gif 2008 - Recieved 'Sardar Patel Outstanding ICAR Institution Award 2007'
                                    Basiswar Sen 
2.Girish N. Mehra, Nearer Heaven Than Earth—The Life and Times of Boshi Sen and Gertrude Emerson Sen, foreword by M.S. Swami. New Delhi: Rupa & Co., 2007.]
 He  came in contact with Sister Nivedita who introduced him to Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose, the famous Indian scientist, biologist and botanist. Boshi worked with Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose for several years in Bose Institute.
He travelled to United States on invitation of an American scientist Glen Overton. After his return to India Boshi founded his own laboratory in a small kitchen in Bosepara Lane, Baghbazar, The laboratory was named after Swami Vivekananda. Boshi relocated to Almora where he set up his laboratory in Kundan House, rented with the money of Josephine MacLeod, and Sister Christine stayed there with him for two years.
Basiswar was born in Bishnupur area in Bengal in 1887. His father's name was Rameshwar Sen, who was the first graduate of Calcutta University from Bankura district of Bengal. His mother's name was Prasannamoyi Devi. He was introduced to Ramakrishna Order by his friend Bibhuti Bhushon Ghosh. He was intimately associated with Swami Sadananda, also called Gupta Maharaj, a direct monastic disciple of Swami Vivekananda.
Boshi also took a few photographs of the Holy Mother Sri Sarada Devi.

In 1924 Sister Christine or Christine Greenstidel a direct American disciple of Swami Vivekananda took up her accommodation with Boshi.
Dr Boshi Sen was a plant physiologist. He was married to the historian, geographer and journalist Gertrude Emerson Sen in 1932. Boshi Sen worked under Jagadish Chandra Bose and through his research visited Britain and the USA. Sen worked at University College London and became acquainted with D. H. Lawrence in the late 1920s through the Brewster family.

In his Vivekananda Laboratory he was successful in production of hybrid maize seeds and hybrid onions. For his pioneering work which heralded Green Revolution in India, he was awarded Padma Bhushan in 1957 and Watmull award in 1962. He was allotted land for the expansion of his work by Uttar Pradesh Government in Hawalbagh. In 1959 his Laboratory was transferred to U. P. Government and it allotted 215 acre land for scientific research.
The Great Bengal Famine of 1943 had changed Boshi's outlook towards research and from research on plant cell his focus shifted to applied research on agriculture and food grain productivity. In this matter he was deeply influenced by the humanistic endeavours and messages of Swami Vivekananda who identified food problem as one of the major problems plaguing British India.
In 1928  Boshi met Romain Rolland  and had a discussion on the lives of Ramakrishna and Vivekananda with him.
In 1930  He met Einstein  in Berlin and had discussions on Science and Religion
   Gertrude Emerson Sen ( 1890–1982)
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The historian, geographer
[http://www.iswg.org/about/history ]
and journalist Gertrude Emerson Sen in 1932. Married Dr. Basi Sen. She was the daughter of Alfred Emerson, Sr., and the granddaughter of Deborah Hall, the wife of Samuel D. Ingham,
 Secretary of the Treasury (1829–31) under US President  Andrew Jackson.
 She was also the sister of famed entomologist Alfred E. Emerson.
Some have stated that she was the granddaughter of Ralph Waldo Emerson

After teaching English in Japan, Sen returned to the United States to become the editor of Asia magazine.
In 1920 she undertook a round-the-world expedition which included stunt flying and caving. Eventually she settled in a village in northeastern India, participated in rural life, married Indian native Basiswar Sen on November 1, 1932, and came to love the culture of her adopted my country India.  
                                                     Her books 
                  1.     Voiceless India (1944)


[http://www.iswg.org/about/history ]

               2. Pageant of India's History (1948).
 Although not born in India herself, she strongly disapproved on the involvement of non-Indians in subcontinental matters.
 SRIMOTI [ LADY] Gertrude-EmersonSen died in 1982, aged 89.
My homage to these great Souls. India will always remember them.
                                                        Greatful to
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4. http://vpkas.nic.in/
ICAR-Vivekananda Parvatiya Krishi Anusandhan Sansthan

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India's present situations and some suggestions

INDOLOGY- Is a subject. But here it is for talking about the heavenly Earth in coming days............. .....PLEASE BECOME A FOLLOWER & ADVICE OTHERS TO FOLLOW..........

1               .Corruption in India is from top to bottom.
2.                 Her transparency index is very low.

3.               To get rid of this disease we need moral education 
                from early child hood with  Regular practice of Dhyanam
            and yoga with our own philosophy 
                   and Control in self desires. These are essential for Indian .
                   This will create  a minimum living style.

4.              we need own innovation of
                 products, fuel, technology and   ornaments.Thus we will get rid of economic crisis.
5.    Fuel: The main source of draining wealth as this is indispensable
              and fruitfully utilize the alternative source in future development.

              Many nations will support this.             We have to  proceed with strong opposition.

[The spider web around a light with many insects within.]

                   Therefore all efforts and brains are required to find out its solution.

6.          Product & technology:

            Look at China .How innovative they are . Today almost all the India is filled up with their                  innovation. We have to be steady by ourselves. Without expecting any prizes                  from anybody.
7.                                Ornaments:
             This is ever lucrative to all. Most favor  the gold. But if total intra nation mind setup becomes               like this that most favors the original flower which again genetically engineered to become                 fresh  always then the demand gold will be lower. And rather this will fetch money from                           abroad.
8.      This also demands new generation with new brains                    with self esteem ,confidence, deep knowledge of the Vedas [as this is              the main stream of innovative thoughts] and its                              applications with minimum need for life.

9.            Then only India can grow strong.

10.            In most of the cases we have to wait and do hard work to build up a new generation .

11.         INDIA GOVERNMENT including all political parties of                      all colors who loves India should come forward to make the                       mission successful.
               Otherwise  the misery of India will never go off.

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Siva and Kali niye amamder onek rokom concept ache. Tar modhye ekta holo era Anarya der devata. Vede eder sthan nei.
Siva bagchal pore..Kirtibas. Kailase thake..Girish.
Bis kheye Nilokontho.
Byadh rup dhore..Kirat. Poroshu dhari. Dhanurdhari.
Debotader Debota..Mahadeb.
Siber aro nam ache. Tryombok. Rudro Vobo Sarbo Aghor Bamdeb Dodyojato Ishan Totpurusuh.
Siber Mrityunjoy montre Tryomok ebon protyekti Vedic sukte ache.

Ebar dekhun to thik ei term guloi pachhen kina.

Ulongini Bromhomoyi Adya Purna Kumari Kriyasila GajatProsoboni Aandamoyi Krishna
Egulo pore dekhabo.
First KALI.Thik ei term ta VEDE ACHE? If so ki niye? Ami Satta Nam dekhabo. Each r co related . Like Kali Korali ...etc. All r the different Fringes of an United FIRE OR BROMHO.
Ei vabei Sri Agni ke address kora hoi.
Ja Nirogni Boisyodeb Home Protiti Bramhamer everyday obosyokrita..Must Be Done.



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Birthday of Nivedita

Today is the birthday of Vogini Nivedita. A Mother of Mother India. I pay my Homage to HER.

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Behind every Idol/Murti there is an idea. Swami Vivekananda explained the need of idol worshiping. [1.The Mind of Swami Vivekananda - Page 71 - Google Books Result

 Let us discuss in different way here. If we look minutely we can see all the religions in the world worship/respect some specific symbols; including those who contradict idol worshipping. Idol is also symbol. Human brain is such that we can realize easily some theory with some model [ as in the science classes]. This idol is also the model. Different sages, Rishis, and Munies tried to explain the feeing of the totality of Paramatma/God with different model. In every where there are some similarities.1.Each of this idol is complete.2. Each can provide the Bhakta upto his prayer. 3. Each is the enemy of evil.
The idol has specific color, style, weapon, liking and disliking and effect ,They have their specific type of puja.
Idol is made up of earthly matters. Again if we approach towards Paramatma we will come across the matter, energy and Atma. Energy conservation law says energy is constant. Mass conservation law says Mass is constant. Only what happens is the transformation between the mass and energy. So from this point all matter is the potential form of energy in the form of static energy. So whenever  we look at any earthly matter we can regard them as the potential source of energy. This energy can be devastating. And with judicial usage it is the boon. When we apply these as boon it follows the discipline and system. As we are now using the light, heat, electric, magnet, kinetic energy, atomic energy etc. With which we are doing all extraordinary works.
All energy has specific laws even in non usable state also. All are related with matters here in the Earth. And the matter is related with the Sun{ origin of Earth and food, photosynthesis] directly or indirectly. So for today’s development of science at least we can adore the matter and the Sun . Now the question will come are these[matters] conscious to feel this respect? This consciousness is related with Atma. Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose had done many experiments in this field. And his Crescograph machine and experiment with a piece of Tin, Plant and frog muscle –proved everything is conscious. But each has different level of expression. [2.The Smart Set: If You Pick Us, Do We Not Bleed? - November 22, 2011
Www.boseinst.ernet.in/founder.html‎ ][3. CONSCIOUSNESS IN PLANTS
Www.new1.dli.ernet.in/data1/upload/insa/INSA_1/20005b61_178.pdf‎ ]

 So all this universe is conscious. [4. Http://peaceandloveism.com/wiki/index.php?Title=Plant_Consciousness ].Here lies the relation between we, our soul ,universal soul and Paramatma. As the Sun and it’s rays and their powers, the Paramatma and the universal substances are like that.
So any Murti with any matter is energetic , effective and conscious. With this the Rishies’ idea, Bhakta’s prayer makes it vibrant. The chanting ,mantra with proper uttering  can make all the efforts purposeful.
Remember those who do not believe in Murti  besides their own rituals they also follow chanting, Jap , Guru,saints,peer, fakirs,mursed or seniors and some symbols. In India among all religions these  ‘Guru,saints,peer, fakirs,mursed or seniors’ are the most vibrant  souls than the theoretical religions. This have connected the India as one. All Hindu as they respect their own Guru. Again they also respect the Ajmer Serif [we say Him : SULTAN E HIND/ SULTAN E GARIBEE.]And also the others. We believe He is the one most powerful protector of Soul of this country. He was a Fakir and surrounding his territory cow saluting is prohibited. Why? This is nothing but His tolerance to the Hindu.
So all are true if used properly.
And nobody is higher than other if he does not follow the truth in his life.
 No religion can demands that in my religions all followers are totally free from corruption, sin, cruelty, traitors. And if so then what is more extra development of  humanity with in them ? That means everybody needs regular practice, regular rituals, and to follow a proper path.
 That means that is dependent on self devotion with  the

SRI SRI ANGKOR WAT MANDIR of Lord Vishnu in Combodia[Comboge]which counrty is today Budhist populated, But they patronise this heritage as their counrty's glory.[ http://whc.unesco.org/en/list/668/] [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Angkor]

Divine bliss,SENIOR SOULS  and is man dependent.

Then what is the  extra uplift of changing into a particular religion? From every religion one’s development of humanity is possible by self effort if properly done . And it matters little what path somebody is following with Murti/idol  or without Murti.
So it is important to feel the idea behind the idol to every Hindu those they are worshiping. And when the idea is clear
·      the Bhakti,
·      Emotions and
·      Sraddha[respect to all (the most positive manifestation of humanity) ] will appear.
·       These are the essentials for divine life.
·       Which is difficult to impose in an insensible consciousness.
·      But can easily be imposed over His/Her projections which are sensible at any form ,any type.[Which is our heritage for thousand and thousand years.]
Sri Sri Chaitanya dev only 500 years ago therefore gave so much importance to Bhakti[the utmost manifestation of human's emotions] which is not achievable with wisdom, rituals and without the DIVINE GRACE.