Thursday, September 3, 2015

Debjani De and indology

Few months back a news came out that in Kolkata  Miss Debjani De died from abstaining food and water completely from ritualistic view. She was a very scholar lady of Rajabazar Science College and Royal College of Music London. Very well behaved, soft spoken with positive attitude this lady was really very sober.
She was a devotee of Swami Yogananda  Society. And a regular member of YSS[YOGODA SATSANG SOCIETY DAKSHNISWAR].
The news came out with a chaos  that people found smoke from their home. And her father committed suicide with fire. Her brother caught arrested and now is under mental treatment .Cause he kept Debjani’s body in home for six months. And it turned into a skeleton.  
But the interesting thing is:
Her dairy shows that she made a music cassette for her God Father Swami Yogananda.
And she wrote that she has done all works of her life.
So many chaos happened but till date that cassette is out of our reach.
So if it is possible to listen those beautiful songs and if is could be released as CD/DVD for the public, I  think her life will be really successful.