Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Modiji,Mamataji, Amir Khanji and Future of India-A salute in Independence Day 2015.


Our Honourable Prime minister is Sri Modiji. SriMamata Banerjee is our  Honourable Chief minister. And Mr Ameer Khan is a great actor in Indian movies.But his greater contribution is his direction of movies.
Apparently  this three icons of present India  have no relation among each other. First two are political personalities. And from two different parties. The third one is a great actor.
But the similarity among them are present. And which is very important.
Sri Modiji And Sri Mamataji both are very active and is full of POSITIVE WILL FORCE. Both of them are very innovative. And we have to learn so many things from them.
This is the most wanted thing  of this days .
Both have a strong intention to do a better India and better Bengal. Both of them are trying for that. Everybody should support this will force which is good for the country and the states.

Sri Ameerji's movies like THREE IDIOTS,TARE JAMIN POR, PK ,LAGAN all shows us the positive angle of life.In a versatile form he has depicted how to behave,the outlook of life,nationalism and  basic questions and values of life;specially in PK;even in Don 2.
It is clear that two entity of a single man or the inner self is expressed in his movies. If we expand our self into a greater self then surpassing the narrow boundary of society,caste etc we realize the meaning of life is a more humanitarian form.

In the field of innovative thoughts which is based on India and mankind , I think Mr Khan Is our Pride. We Can hope many international awards for him, And the India has many things to learn from him. .
And that is why we all should support these type of great souls for the betterment of this country.

Another great positive soul has recently has left us .He is Dr APJ Kalam-our former President.
In this independent day I pay my salute to All of them.

"ALL IS WELL"........Three Idiots ..Amir Khan.


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