Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Ganga sagar mela, Sri Sankarachariya and Sri Sacchidanandaji.

       Swami Sacchidananda Saraswati was a famous Yogi and Tantrik in Bengal. He wrote some great books. Sadhan Pradip, Puja pradip, Jnan pradip,Guru pradip, Sandhya pradip Purascharan pradip.
       All these are the treasures of Bengal and  are very helpful for  the Sadhakas[SAINTS or SONTS.].

       Previously it was published from CHUNAR ANANDA ASRAM BAGBAZAR.  Now it is no more exist.
       Now a days these are being published by NABAVARAT PUBLISHERS.KOLKATA.
       Here he wrote a fact about Sri Sankaracharya Adi.
When Sri Sankaracharya was roaming for the unification of spiritual India and revival of Sri Sanatan Dharma, once he came into this Bengal. He heard about Swami Brmhanandaji of famous GangaSagar; who was a very aged and the highest level of Koula and Tantrik Sannyasi.
       Sri Sankaracharyaji asked him for TARKA.
       [His condition was either do tarka and defeat me or be defeated and follow my path.] 
       Swami Bramhanandaji requested him for taking rest.
       After while he said to Sankaracharyaji –Baba now tell me what do you want?
       You are talking about Adwaita and you are doing Tarka, this proves- you have not attained that level. Adwita means  "Singularity" ;there is no "Two". Then with whom you are doing Tarka.
       This was the first time when sri Sankaracharya ji  impressed with that very old Yogis words.
   Sankaracharyaji asked him for some advices.
       Showing a big stone rock on  the beach of Ganga river  Sri Bramhanandaji told in smiling face - Baba this is my Moth, my Asram. I am 300 years old. I stay here all the day and night. Whole the world is Her . So where will I do the Moth ?And who will be the disciples?
    My Moth is Ananda Asram.
       Till date in GangaSagar that stone is present. This is Kopil Munis Asram.[Kopil Muni ji was the founder of Sri Sankhya Darsan. Where it is admited that all are from ONE.-HE is PURUSA. And evrything -this nature, universe,you and me and all is PROKITI, the feminine or Anandamoy[loveable] part of that Purusa.]
       We should not forget that the revival of Kumbh mela and  Ganga Sagar Mela happened after the advent of Srimat Sankarachariya.
     And Sri Sanakara realized this Ganga Sagar after this interactions between Two Great Souls.



Monday, April 27, 2015

Lament for Sri Dan Fredinburg

      I am deeply shocked from the demise of Dan Fredinburg.  Because so far I have done ,
everything from this remote area of India [For what I'm here. And is not possible from the cities.] is only possible for the Googles and  its team .This is for it’s  beautiful  great  free services. 
 And I’m sure this is  Sri Dan ,one of the Great Souls where from  this idea came out into this world.
 I pray to my Iswar/God to repose His Soul.
   And wish for Dan to be enlightened and make us alike from where ever He Is.

for His life please follow this link::

Monday, April 20, 2015

Study of law and Swami Vivekananda

Reminiscences of Swami Vivekananda - Frank Parlato Jr. - Bhupendranath Datta -

He completed his law studies in 1886 but did not appear at the final examination. The cause of this will be related later.

At the time of Narendranath's college care
To come back to Swamiji's early life, we find that after graduation Narendranath was made by his father to enter the firm of Nemaichandra Basu, Attorney-at-Law, as an articled clerk to qualify himself for attorneyship. The latter was a friend of his father. At the same time he .studied law to prepare himself for the B.L. Examination. Here an /interesting fact is to be mentioned. We have already said that Narendra previously showed his desire to go to England to study law.

The source have given earlier.
This is a good site for VIVEKANANDA.
Only his studying law that is placed here.