Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy Kalpataru Day & Happy New Year

INDOLOGY- Is a subject. But here it is for talking about the heavenly Earth in coming days............. .....PLEASE BECOME A FOLLOWER & ADVICE OTHERS TO FOLLOW..........

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of beloved followers. Today is also KALPATARU DAY. Sri Ramakrishna became KALPATARU[WILL AS YOU WISH] on this day before HIS passing by.He said to  the all whom HE touched that day-
LET YOU HAVE CHAITANYA[bodhi/baptism/gyan/consciousness/kaibalya/].
WE can amuze this day  wishing all the best for the coming years, but this KALPATARU UTSAV has glorified this dqy more  not only for Bengali,but for all the nation & nations.
He was the preacher of UNITY IN DIVERSITY in religious world.1st Jan is the new year according to the english calender,In India we follow1st BAISHAK as new year. SO THERE IS A CONFLICT IN BENGAL'S MIND [those who are respectfull for their own herritage also],for the celebration of NEW YEAR.. Most of them have adapted the both as one in BENGAL'S STYLE ,another ENGLISH STYLE

But SRI RAMAKRISHN'S kalpataru festival by HIS followers has given a new blend of this day.As a Divine Avatar spontaneously HE HAS made this new year in 'english calender'  a day of festival . This is also an example of his tollerence & adaptation of else's culture.
[In India to the this adaptation is not new. There is numerous variations of Hindu religion.But they were ,are & will be united with a cord that this land is of them. They are the inhabittant of this country. And they have accepted succeding religions, The Muslim & the Christanity.
We find SRI DURGA a combinationform, like wise,SRI SATYA-NARAYAN.After muslim came into this land, SATYA PEER,PEER appeared. In Kolkta till date we waoship GODDESS SRI KALI in FIRINGI KALI BARI with reverence ,which was established by a CHRISTIAN Saheeb.
Actually above all the truth & humanity reigns]

Of late, SWAMI DEVANANDAJI, in NADRA , BARDHAMAN, has started a special colourful festival on the 1st January, every year. for the betterment of the lives & the world.
He is also a great soul. And has choosen this KALPATARU DAY for his important festival, as HE IS ALSO SAYING that this is SATYA YUG..
 And Sri Ramakrishna also the KAKLIAVATAR[see my previous articles]. THE TORCH BEARER OF THE SATYA YUG.

................JOY SRI GURUMAHARAJ,JOY SRI RAMAKRISHNA,JOY SRI DEVANANDA.............happy new year 2012 to all..........