Thursday, July 21, 2011


[Review of Education System & Destination  of India.-PART-3]

In neurology there is a chapter on Action potential. Every  nerve  &  muscle fibre has action  potential of its own. this undergoes through some phases. Recruitment,action,spike,fall, release,relax & normal states. Mind has the same property. Thought happens in the same ways. Result express in different activities,normal & abnormal.Some are ordinary,some addictive, some awesome, some frightful, some in diseased state. Addictive repeats itself. The gain is pleasure. For our MIND we say this is URGE.
Our brain loves rhythms.That means it likes to recognise some specific impulses & try to feel its effects in terms of 'good' or 'bad'. If this feels good / relaxing/EXCITATION which is enjoyable, this makes attraction >habit formation>ADDICTION.
Any situation, any music, scene, story, fluids, chemical, drugs can do this either by directly creating /releasing the neurochemicals /impulses those are resulting this state ALL ARE ADDICTIVE.
 ADDICTION generally as  we think, this may be in such an extent which is irresistible & a disease state>cutting PQLI[physical quality of life index]> Daily life activities>CRIPPLIGNG>Death.
But if we consider its principle of actionpotential,then we can channelise this brain's property in healthier sense.If we think that property of action potential, if any activity is there  which enhance the POLARISATION STATE & NO/LITTLE HYPER POLARISATION then positive energy will grow up. And if we practise that that will also be an Addiction .This addiction is wanted. this is healthier for body,mind, family & the world.This is an age old practice. this is A ROUTINE LIFE STYLE,CONTROLLED LIFE ,REGULAR BAYAM[YOGIC & FREE HAND], PRANYAM & DHYAN.

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[This figure signifies a equevalency of activity in different levels  with in Universe.]
Here again this is the eternal practice in India. And which the most of the Indian do not do.