Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Ganesh&lakshmi at right,
 Sarswati &Kartik at left,
 the Lion from  right to left fashion .
at left side the Mahisasur.
 This is also a theme seemingly. Mother’s
 right side is our Inner side-our self side. –
Our proclivity ( Sri Ganesh), wealth & discipline [ Sri Lakshmi].
Her left is social side .power of words & brain (Sri Sarswati), muscles( Sri Kartik)) 
we need indeed both the Lion  for “good” strength . His sex organ is for procreation, is also in right. which is again a private matter.
The evils for this earth but in controlled &deadly- living state, is Asur is in the left.
Sri Jaya  – the victory is in left – victory in social side .
&  Sri  Vijaya-  in right is for total achievement.
As a whole is Shree-the divine beauty.
     This is a different form of Shree.
Shree is very important. Because everything is Shree is divine.
 Here also every deity is unique form of Shree yet as a encompassing whole   is a vast Shree
   which incorporates  the evils &the creatures also.
 This is unique, superb, mind blowing concept of India .