Saturday, March 19, 2011


There is always a problem to write something & to continue a blog like INDOLOGY by we like people.
 As a doctor  & a common fellow my terms , spellings  is often full of mistakes. Still with regards I always try my best to talk something, which is  sometimes unsung.
But I affraid that people might mis understand me, as here  I talk about yogies, spirituality etc.that ,I have  also a very higher level.
This is not at all true. Spiituality is as natural as breath here in India.
So a bit yoga,a better disciplined life [Shree Dharma], an effort to lead a life with some principles does not mean a HIGHER LEVEL.
Like all aother peoples I have all negative sides. Tiredness,Anger etc.
And I want to be a common man with some distinct qualities.
 My request not to mis interpret me to my all respected readers & followers.
Thank you.