Monday, August 29, 2011

The International Non-Violence Day

INDOLOGY- Is a subject. But here is a subject for heavenly Earth in coming days.
Today is the international non violence day. On the eve of this sacred day I pay my tribute to Mahatma Ganghi, who made the nonviolence movement on this day.
This article was published on March 2011. This is merely a recall.
LET THE BE PEACEFULL.................


We adore Mohondas Karamchand Gandhi as father of the nation[term first addressed by Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose]. He is a figure is to be addressed such.
If we look at the contributors of Indian Independence we find each & every personality is great .Everybody has their own principle & idiology . Each of them is adorable. But in context to Indian vastness & cosmopoliton culture, A life as a leader much higher than all these variations & safe, peace loving, tollerent to all like Vishma Pita maha was/is a crying need. And the expression of that demand is Gandhiji.
If we go through his long journey of life & philosophy we find that he was in & out a complete Vaishnab.
We call them Vaishnab who are sagacious, docile, thurtholder ,never loose their character, follow an easy, ordinary life, simple food habbit, always happy ,eager to help the distressed without any return, whose mind weeps for others sorrow,teaches the true path,feels his lord is in everybody's heart.
There were & are & will be millions of such developed lives in India[Bharat means living with light/rays>rays/powers of oneness].But leadership is different. Still Gandhiji is a perfect blending of leadership & vaishnab.
Today India's position according to Transperancy Index is much poor. We neither follow India nor Bapuji or Swamiji[Vivekananda].This is matter of shame. We find in 'my experiment with truth' whenever there is fall from his celebacy he mentioned that. This type of open straightness is possible in a strong personality. This teaches us the inspiration in common people also. Even since his description of his birth he wanted to become a commom people not a great one.As if he is the perfect manifestation of common ordinary man upto the heighest level.And he is the Father of the Nation,-a nation mostly filled with simple, innocent people those we call villagers,poor, distressed. He is the leader of this nation for ever.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Review of Education System & Destination of India.

The HelpThe Help
INDOLOGY- Is a subject.
 But here is a subject for heavenly Earth in coming days.

                         [synthesis of previous three articles
                                                                                 1.Review of Education System, [13/4/2011]
                                                                                 3.Living  Window[21/7/2011]   
                             in  MY BLOG; ]


In other word we can say Addiction is a type of induction[influence]/urge full habit, which is rhythmic, recurrent & sometimes irresistible. This has also the phases like ‘action potential’.

And always whenever we do scan/cross section our any daily phase we are within somehow /some what induction either by jobs ,study, practice etc.

This is mastery to switch over the brain from the current of one induction to another induction as per requirement. And it needs a life long practice starting from the boyhood. We should teach this to our offspring for a better life. And this needs educational modifications. Because  this has a specific system that needs to deliver/teach.

Addiction when this becomes positive then it is accepted by society. These positive habits will grow a better society & a better world. From the neutral stand points  we can see the practical  life have complexes and resultant of so many finer/secondary activities to satisfy our basic needs. We will call those BASIC NEEDS- those are needed to lead a highest mental and spiritual life with minimum physical requirements. There is a gross difference between two concepts of BASIC NEED.. The age old  Indian concept is AHAR[food],NIDRA[sleep],MOITHUN .[proclivity]  which have a common sharing with the beasts [HUMAN is also a creature] but HUMAN has  VIVEK[inner senses of good & bad] & BICHAR[justice].

After independence this became ROTI[food],KAPRA[clothes] & MOKAN[shelter].

But in this article the PEACE [satisfaction ] & HEALTH are also the basic need. And my journey is to establish that.

Peace is a concept which has a mental component. Mostly this is spiritual. Peace is becoming less & less. The world is proportionately restless.

How one is achieving this peace ,where form, how long this is sustained ,are important. The  basic conflict is between PEACE & EARTHLY HAPPINESS is regarding different levels/types of satisfaction. The EARTHLY HAPPINESS never gives the happiness of peace. To avail the peace & the happiness of peace one needs not to be RICH. Rather one who have experienced this peace will try to have this again & again[INDUCTION/ADDICTION/INFLUENCE].This is the prime cause to remain poorer of the BRHAMIN classes. Because they know this way  from generation together. And they are therefore adored by the others. But they usually denies THE EARTHLY HAPPINESS. That creates more respect to them. Practically we need a combination of PEACE & EARTHLY HAPPINESS. That is the way of higher social life & higher world.

From  arising in/on the bed our life[study, school, college, examinations, competition, office life, promotion, manipulation, negotiation, play ground, club, party, social attainments] ,our establishment, rewards, appreciation, income earning etc. nothing is related with PEACE. This is A SECONDARY WORLD/ FALSE[THORUGH MORE PRACTICAL] WORLD. This is ‘false’/secondary in respect to this PEACE CENTERED LIFE.

To have the higher mental & spiritual activities we need
 the basic level to highest level of

 minimally required things.

Not more than that.

That should be the aim to grow the world’s population which will automatically redistribute the economy , that will automatically decrease the war, turmoil etc. This will enhance to generate better eco friendly innovation, creation & world’s unity.

Here in India we have Iswar Chandra Vidyasagar, Acharya Prafulla Chandra Roy, Gandhiji like persons who have taught us PLAIN LIVING –HIGH THINKING principles .This was not difficult from them as They had an inborn connection with India ,a land of Rishies who use to live with hard work, plain living & high thinking. But the praiseworthy thing is that they showed in British period. When the country was dependent & was influenced by the western cultures. This denotes their strong personalities, respect over self heritage, love to simple life. Today when we are independent when this type of self confidence is expected ,practically this is lagging behind. In this age of acculturation when different culture are living side by side, we do not bother what type of life we are leading rather we should pursue behind the simpler life which is an INDIAN HERITAGE.


So today we have   1. physical life which is related with birth, death 2. SECOND LIFE-related with our social ups &downs.3.Energy life-related with our digital life ,like computer, sounds,  vibrations.

4.Yogic life[a Brahmin life] co relates all these three types of life. So this is a positive life. This should be in educational curriculums world wide.

In India if we nurture again the simple life we can make the other world our friend.

 Not as a servant, neither imitator, nor as pampers but the Indian can become the real friend to others. This will automatically increase Indian Economy  by friendly gift & donation from others that will be handsome, neither poor nor rich.

[Today to increase economy fairly either needs some natural resources, patents or to sell harvests, industrial product, weapons in outer country i.e. inter racial business . And except patent it is very difficult to uplift any country’s economy.]

 But prior to that Indian needs self reformation with hard practice . A country which is full of corruption from top to bottom staying in that land this effort of reformation & to revive a distinct type of confidence not at all an ordinary thing.