Saturday, March 19, 2011


There is always a problem to write something & to continue a blog like INDOLOGY by we like people.
 As a doctor  & a common fellow my terms , spellings  is often full of mistakes. Still with regards I always try my best to talk something, which is  sometimes unsung.
But I affraid that people might mis understand me, as here  I talk about yogies, spirituality etc.that ,I have  also a very higher level.
This is not at all true. Spiituality is as natural as breath here in India.
So a bit yoga,a better disciplined life [Shree Dharma], an effort to lead a life with some principles does not mean a HIGHER LEVEL.
Like all aother peoples I have all negative sides. Tiredness,Anger etc.
And I want to be a common man with some distinct qualities.
 My request not to mis interpret me to my all respected readers & followers.
Thank you.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


DIABETES is a well established metabolic disease. There is no permanent cure till date.But control is possible. Mostly the lifestyle indicates a disciplined,control over the greed of foods & food habit, addictions & regular exercise are the mainstay of therapy which can takeover most of the diabetic problems up to the moderately high level of blood sugar & even without any addition of medications.
But if we look in a different angle,we see, this is a state of body where  body is able to create a higher level of sugar. Glucose is the only substrate for brain activities.
Thought process is the most important of brain activity that leads to creation,interaction etc.
In a state of Dhyanam[meditation] yogies passes hours together;even days to months. At this period which will be source of energy for Yogies brain activities?
In women when they are conceiving their physilogy is altered. Like wise in space shuttle man has to modify their pattern of food, work etc. Likewise in such a state where the body is completely immobilised for long span of time, the physiology has to be changed. And Diabetes is a state where the body is capable to do so.
Rishi Viswamitra[FRIEND(MITRA) OF THE WORLD(VISWA)] bestawed Sri RamaChandra two powers ,BALA & ATIBALA. By dint of these capacities man can strive many days without food;his brain will not be deprived of  source of energy for  longer times.
Is not this genetic change?
When Diabetes is uncontrolled this is killer. All yogies practices control over foods. But in Diabetes brain has a continuous supply of energy. That is IGT state[IMPAIRED GLUCOSE TOLLERENCE: fasting 110-126 mg & PP 140-200mg}can meet this condition where life is neither very endanger nor brain is hungry for energy in comparison to normal human being.
Most of the Sadhus,yogies suffer from Diabetes. Even in India the genetic propencity to develop Diabetes is very high .And to become a Yogi in India is very natural,common.And it happens.
Another counrty has such type of genetic likelyhood to become Diabetic ,USA.
Diabetes might be the evolution in human species to have a higher plane of brain naturally.

Friday, March 4, 2011


We adore Mohondas Karamchand Gandhi as father of the nation[term first addressed by Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose]. He is a figure is to be addressed such.
 If we look at the contributors of Indian Independence we find each & every personality is great .Everybody has their own principle & idiology . Each of them is adorable. But in context to Indian vastness & cosmopoliton culture, A life as a leader much higher than all these variations & safe, peace loving, tollerent to all like Vishma Pita maha was/is  a crying need. And the expression of that demand is Gandhiji.
 If we go through his long journey of life & philosophy we find that he was in & out a complete Vaishnab.
 We  call them Vaishnab who are sagacious, docile, thurtholder ,never loose their character, follow an easy, ordinary life, simple food habbit, always happy ,eager to help the distressed without any return, whose mind weeps for others sorrow,teaches the true path,feels his lord is in everybody's heart.
There were & are & will be millions of such developed lives in India[Bharat means living with light/rays-rays/powers of oneness].But leadership is different. Still Gandhiji is a perfect blending of leadership & vaishnab.
Today India's position according to Transperancy Index is much poor. We neither follow India nor Bapuji or Swamiji[Vivekananda].This is matter of shame. We find in 'my experiment with truth' whenever there is fall from his celebacy he mentioned that. This type of open straightness is possible in a strong personality. This teaches us the inspiration in common people also. Even since his description of his birth he wanted to become a commom people not a great one.As if he is the perfect manifestation of common ordinary man upto the heighest level.And he is the Father of the Nation,-a nation mostly filled with simple, innocent people those we call villagers,poor, distressed.            He is the leader of this nation for ever.