Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Three Sri Men

Last year I have found some little rays of three great ‘out- Indian’ souls. One is Sri Gawn Tu Fahr. [] [] Next is Sri Krishna Das[],[] and recently, Sri Gregg Braden[] ,[].
The first is one great painter and poet, second is a great singer and the last great man is a man of science , a writer, and is trying to unify the science and the spirituality in scientific way.
 I think all are connected with each other ,I do not know that they are really so or not but according to my view they all are ‘Shree men’ of this new age. It is very important to become united such souls like them with each other for the people, for the future and for the better world. A world where really we can find ourselves as the expression from a same source.
I  myself also like to establish this spirituality in the way of science. Not only in my medical field ,but in everywhere. Where the path is different from Sri Gregg Braden. My path is purely based on the Vedas, Indian Spirituality and Science.In my blog ‘Indology ‘ I have written many topics in this angle. I myself also feel a man of ‘Shree’. Such souls are now present in scattered manner throughout the world. Our meeting and work planning is important for the future generations. But I’m not finding any way at present .

Some body or some organization should have to take some initiative for this. My prayer towards the Divine Self to reach my goal fruitful. Let make all these soul’s relatives united with a single world’s home where only love, respect and craving for the world’s betterment dwell.