Monday, April 22, 2013


INDOLOGY- Is a subject. But here it is for talking about the heavenly Earth in coming days............. .....PLEASE BECOME A FOLLOWER & ADVICE OTHERS TO FOLLOW..........

Samsar is our familiar world. This is the place where we grow up, work, recreate, procreate .This is world where we do many humanitarian works, sin, crime & also divine search starts from here. So this is an hammock where a soul oscillate ,sometimes expand & sometime collapses. To the common people this is a place to earn money and food and sex. To the wise people this is place to gather fame, degree and money. To the saints this is place to deal carefully to avoid sins .
Sadhus Abandon The Samsar. This Is A Maya To Them.  In Samsar Peoples Are Advised To Live With Karma, Namsarana, Diksha .Yoga,Pranayama  ,Proper Food Habit, All Are Important Now A Days.
To me this is a mixed place with light and shade. The common people should follow the path as advised by their Gurus and religion besides works. The different people who search about themselves and have attain a level will find this place is very complexed and they can easily feel why The Saints ,Sadhus avoid family life. But they feel at the same time that the urge of procreation is deep routed. And to overcome this is not a simple job. It is better to stay in samsar rather than doing sin becoming a sadhu. And here they can stay as Hansa –Paramhansa yoga with the Gnyan of Aghoris{who live in cremation ground. Eat very abandoned things but full of mental strength] This is Virachar. This is required because all shorts of wrong foods, touch, thoughts will come in samsar.
To common people divine life is a different state of living. This is guided by all respective religions and guarded also.
 But The Samsaris If Lead Their Ordinary Life And Keep The Divine Souls Aside Making Only Salute To Them They Will Never Realize What They [Common People ]Are Actually Is. For This They Need To Practice The Divine Life In Samsar. And Where The Conflicts Will Be Started.
In this stage they should follow a middle path.
 Which means some disobeying the strict principles of religion. They should come out from their own religions also .Because the world is not made of only one type and this will never happen, . But this disobeying is not does not mean coming out from any religion. This is expansion of self and the realization of the world. This is Virachar. Vir means bold/brave/strong.
In India in Hindu only this scientific path is followed. This is important for all religions.
Suppose the religion is telling to read one book in a very sacred state. But practically it is not being possible. I say read this in any time for the sake of wisdom, learning . If your intention is pure/sacred ,you are sacred by mind ;even if are not bathing/else. Same thing is for food, clothes, sex.
But here more important thing is to keep attachment with his own view and  practice of is divine kriyas [the japa, meditation, bayam , yoga ,chanting etc].In samsar why does the wise people stay? Because they feel this is a forte. Where arrangement of all required thing for living are present [including the ways to resolute the urges of basic instincts]. Where from[samsar]
true joy can be extracted if they can make themselves free form Maya and can realize Maya can control the power of Maya.