Friday, February 25, 2011


Siva/Shiva is a complete concept like Sri Vishnu. I'm now impressed going through some papers & books from Asiatic Society's Mr Balaram Chakrabarty ,'NATH YOGI & SHAIVA DHARA IN INDIA & ABROAD'.
He has established that there was a communication thorugh oceans between India & the south America. Geographically this is exactly at the opposite side of India.He wants to say this is Patal Loka.[In india we say heaven,earth & patal. this is not hail.There was a very developed culture,art & science.] The god of this land is Shiva. And the female entity is mother earth. PACHA KAMA & PACHA MAMA[in kechua language of Peru.].We say HATAKESWAR SIVA; means the golden siva/ siva of gold.World's gold mine are in south America.According to him our most adorable lord RAMA'S wife SRI SITA MA is of this land. As we know she came from PATAL. And went to the PATAL.
MACHU PICHHU[MACHH-PUDDHU of Nepal is a couple peaks] reminds us an ancient  NATH civilisation influenced from india by Nath yogies  in the lands of SOUTH AMERICA in of midst of Amazon forest.
The Nath yogies went there. Amazon is VOGOBATI GANGA.  VOGA/VOG in sanskrit is snake.This land is full of snake. So this was NAG LOKA[SNAKE'S WORLD] in India. Most of the snakes are called BOA. From which the name BOABATI>BOAGBATI>VOGBATI has came.
Aztec civilisation is in the name of RISHI ASTIK. His mother was from Nagloka. This encient civilisation was a connection with the ofsprings of Astik. 
Besides. Inka is from Aiar -Inka ,a keralian cult of south India.
Everywhere the lord is universal father & mother.[siva & his female part].Both Nath yogies of India & Peru use ear rings[KUNDAL].They celebrate CHARAK[VOLADORES DE PAPNTLA] in both lands.
This is a very original work . First work started by Smt Kalyani Mallick MA. PHD. inspired by famous GOPINATH KABIRAJ of KASHI UNIVERSITY in the preindependent period.
All these  works can bind the world in a string of love & oneness.
[another referrence:The Indians and the Amerindians:vol 1:SEBpublication,Calcutta1992.