Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Sri Sri Nivedita[Sister Nivedita/Miss Margaret Nobel] And Sri Mata Probuddhaprana.

There Are Very Few  Ladies From Out Of India Who Have Sacrificed Their Lives For This  Country Which Is Poor But Developing, Corrupted But Full Of Fundamental Treasures . As A Quick Instance We Can Readily Recall The Names Of Sri Nivedita, Sri  Ma Of Pondicherry And Mother Teresa.
Mother Probuddhaprana Is From USA. I Personally Know A Very Little About Her. But So Far I Know She Initiated From The Maharaj In Los Angeles And Then She Joined In Sri Sarada Math. A Math Leaded By The Lady Monks Of Sri Ramakrishna Parivar[Sangha/Family] .She Came Into Sihar First Time For A Project On Sihar. The Basic Theme Of Which Was: To Plot Out A Logical And Sacred Background  For The Holy Birth Of Sri Sri Sarada Mata, Whom We Regards As The Bodily Expression Of The Universal Energy/ Maya/ Prakrity/Sakti. And Who Was The Wife Of Sri Ramakrishna, The Newest Yuga Avatar And She Was Worshipped By Him As Mother Sri Tripura Sundori.
Mother Probuddhaprana’s Writing Journey About This Project Ended With Another Part With A Troll Of The Background Of The Arrival Of Sri Ramakrishna At Kamarpukur Including The Sarathi Asram As A Connection To His Mother’s[Sri Chandramani Devi’s] Native Home.
Sri Probuddhaprana Came Here At Sihar At Sri Sarada Math Of Sihar[A Beautiful Math Of Lady Monks Of Sri Ramakrishna Math Where So Many Lady Monks Are Working And Probably All Of Them From Rich Family And From Metropolitan, And Are Highly Educated. –What A Sacrifice!] .And She Comes  Here On Different Occasions Till Now. She Comes Here With A Love And Affections To Sihar. Her Divine Face , Peaceful Eyes And Sacred Smile Always Lift Up Our Hearts. Always She Encourages Positively.
But The Point That I Like To Note Here Is , As A Tourist From The West It Is Possible To Spend Here A Few Days But A Total Sacrifice For This Land Is Not An Ordinary Matter Of An Ordinary Soul. Again Which Is Beyond Of Any Expectation. Mother Teresa Came Here As A Nun Of Christian Missionary But Being An Non-Indian Only For The Betterment Of The India Without Any Other Things Is Something Extraordinary. Which Was  Possible For Sri Nivedita, Sri Mother Of Pondicherry And Now  Sri Mother Probuddhaprana Is Doing On.
She Has Many Beautiful Books. Among Which Josephine Macleod ISBN:81-86617-52-3,[This Is A  Bengali Version Of: TANTINE:THE LIFE OF JOSEPHINE MACLEOD: A FRIEND OF SWAMI VIVEKANANDA, Published In 1990], Decent Of The Goddess At Sihar:ISBN:81-86617-56-2 Are With Me .
And All Are Available From The Book Shop Of SRI SARADA MATH ,DAKSHINESWAR,KOLKATA Publication[Http://Www.Srisaradamath.Org]  .
 I Wish A Long Energetic Life Of This Daughter Of Sri Sarada Mata For India ,Bengal And For Sihar .
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   Josephine Macleod ISBN:81-86617-52-3,[This is a  Bengali version of: TANTINE:THE LIFE OF JOSEPHINE MACLEOD: A FRIEND OF SWAMI VIVEKANANDA, published in 1990

My mother ,Gopal Ma and Mataji Probuddhaprana.

Sri Sri Durga Mata of our home in2008 when Mataji and other matajis came to our house .

Decent Of the Goddess At Sihar:ISBN:81-86617-56-2 Are With Me And All Are Available from The Book Shop Of SRI SARADA MATH ,DAKSHINESWAR,KOLKATA Publication[

A book regarding Sihar in Bengali from the same link
·         Devir Avirbhavdhanya Shihor
·         Author: Pravrajika Prabuddhaprana
·         Publisher: Sri Sarada Math, Dakshineswar
·         ISBN: 978-81-86617-53-3
·         Paperback | 80 gms | 58 pages
·         Code: OOB242
·         25.00
Shihor is the hallowed place where Holy Mother Sri Sarada Devi 'descended' to earth, as it were. This small book lets us know more about this holy hamlet in an interesting manner.