Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Posu and The Posupati

The Posu[Creature] and The Posupati[master].
Since birth we carry both the Posu and the Posupati within ourselves. This is Noro-Posu[human-creature]. So is different from other. This has perversions, madness again asceticism, and altruism which the ordinary creatures does not possess.
We have three levels of  soul-energy complex states. 1.Tomo.2Rojo. 3.Swatta. So three levels of Posu  are with in us. In

Tomo the Posu is perverted with filth. In Rojo it is mad with greed, anger, lust and esteem. In Swatta it has showiness and ego. [These are the important instincts of these Posus. But are not the all].Above all a divine Posu is  also within us.
Surrounding the diurnal cycle they are interchangeable. So body can feel the all and somebody cannot through the life. This feeling is also a type of Yatra[journey] .And to establish oneself into a divine Posu where the Posupati can appear, is the main purpose of spiritual life.
In morning the Swatta, in day the Rojo and in night the Tomo Posu should appear and appears.
1/2/3/4/5/6/7 times regular withdrawing with in self for Saranam/Prayer/Dhyana/japa/Saban is A MUST for all humans in a day according to their own religion/advice of the Master/Sri Guru / feasibility and capacity to feel all these and to help the rhythmic bodily changes.
The simple bathe in clean water and holiness is the end point of Tomo Posu.
The prayer, puja, fasting, Homa/Yajna, Pranayam is the end point of Rojo Posu.
The un interrupted inner chanting of Beeja mantra in every breadth and the Guru kripa is the end of Swatta Posu.
Equal and unbiased bestowing of the grace and Koruna is the end on divine Posu.

All problems in the world is arising for this Noro-Posu[The Human-Creature]. Only a regular practice can control this Posu . And thus we can get rid of all these Posu and also from many diseases.