Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Contributions of Indian Muslim religion in Modern Hinduism

INDOLOGY- Is a subject. But here it is for talking about the heavenly Earth in coming days............. .....PLEASE BECOME A FOLLOWER & ADVICE OTHERS TO FOLLOW.........

.In my last article I wrote about the influences of other religions over Hinduism. The eras of Sri Chaitnya Mahaprabhu ,Sri Guru Nanak & Sri  Bhaktaraj Kabir  ,lastly Sri Ramakrishna with other Mahapurusas of this period ,all are the resultant of direct or indirect influences of Muslims in India.
A.Today  I will discuss some other ritual customs of the Muslims which I respect as good and adaptable.
The systems of worshipping the Allah by Islam is  beautiful. And if this is adopted by the other religions in their day to day’s life ,it will be easier to worship their own God / Bhagawan.
 1. The system of UZZU for cleansing before prayer, and when the water is not available is so simple.
2. regular prayer conjointly and in regular interval.
3.to adopt a simple life , not even wearing dress below ankle to avoid the subconscious ego/Ahankar.etc.
4. Asanas for prayer is a regular exercise.
5. No essence /perfume before God.[here may have some debates]

B.. Next I like to discuss about the Sanskrit . We have a misconception that ,this language is only for priest. This is not al all. The word ‘Sanskrit’ itself says it is revised /cultured. Through this  poetic language the high class philosophers, scientists of previous age used to note down the answer of different puzzles, and invention. I will refer:
So at least we all should know this language to some extent and in our own local language's version.
C. Not only Sanskrit we should know the Arabic also, in Bengali version at least[like wise in other Indian regional languages for those related regions] ;to know the meaning of different Islamic words, pronunciation. This can control many misunderstanding in peoples of different religions.

I have  coined the word 'Indian Muslims' for this, as they even do not know the meaning of all Arabic words.
 In India we all need therefore our own local language,English, and Sanskrit & Arabic in regional languages . If somebody feel more interest he/she can go into the deeper latter.
I’m telling this repeatedly because  today we cannot think ourselves [Hindu ] without our neighbors[Muslims and others].