Tuesday, August 14, 2012


INDOLOGY- Is a subject. But here it is for talking about the heavenly Earth in coming days............. .....PLEASE BECOME A FOLLOWER & ADVICE OTHERS TO FOLLOW..........

For we as Indian this is glorious to see the medals won by SRI SUSIL KUMAR & SRI YOGESWAR DUTTA.But this is also very distressing to see the decisions of the Olimpic London 2012 committee . The whole wrestling game is happening in a same day. When Susil Kumar is fighting for the gold medal against the Japan , He is already tired. And the other[Japan] is fresh as his game happened the day before. Like wise sri Yogeswar was fighting for the Bronze with the trauma on eye. Or that Kazakisthan's boy with trauma at ear. The situation should be justified for the future olimplcs. They should be given either rest or all players should have same level of tiredness.

My salute to them  on the eve of Independence Day 2012.