Sunday, December 25, 2011


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Today is 25th December. All Indians are celebrating the HIS Holy birth of Sri Sri Jisu-Lord Jesus.But amidst the joy of His love we should never forget the pang the we gave to Him. The Holy Child who never thought about for His own, in return He got the cruel teeths of the nails.
 But that essence of unbound love and pity that He wished to bestow , It has kindled the core of our universal human's heart with Positive Energy to a large Human Race.
Another Avatar Sri Sri Ramakrishna who teaches us to respect all the religions,He adored Sri Jesus as RISHI  KRISHNA. That SRI KRISHNA who had also the relation with cattles in boyhood .And who is the embobyment of divine love. The new term RISHI KRISHNA is coined by the MASTER Sri Ramakrishna,which is unique and His own.
Lord Jesus is the son of  Vergin Mother Mary. The episode of motherhood in verginity is present in The Mahabharat-the son Karna is the son of Vergin Kunti.
This type of birth is always Divine.

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Wish all of my followers MARRY CHRIST MASS and pay my homage to all The Jesus present in everybody's heart.